The Gilt Frame

"The Gilt Frame" is a gripping interactive audio noir that plunges two participants into a mystery surrounding the disappearance of "The Red Girl," a painting with a mysterious allure and a dark history. When the artwork vanishes en route to a gallery, Ruby Spade, its long-time owner, hires the enigmatic detective Jack Pierce to unravel a web of deceit, secrets, and shifting loyalties.

Step into the rain-soaked, shadowy streets of "The Gilt Frame," an interactive, immersive audio noir brimming with intrigue, deceit, and a deep-seated obsession. At the heart of this tale is the mysterious disappearance of the celebrated painting "The Red Girl," famed for its mystifying allure and dark past. The sudden vanishing of the painting while en route to a prestigious gallery sets the stage for a captivating mystery. Ruby Spade, the painting's long-time owner, entrusts the case to Jack Pierce, a private detective whose reputation is as obscure as the case itself. Pierce, a detective marked by his own enigmatic past and disillusionment, finds himself in a complex maze of suspects, each entangled in a dense network of secrets and ulterior motives. In a world where trust is a rare commodity and betrayal an everyday occurrence, "The Gilt Frame" leads its listeners on an enthralling journey. Here, the boundaries between art and trickery merge, and the truth becomes as elusive and compelling as the stolen masterpiece at the heart of this spellbinding story. Live the parts of Ruby Spade and Jack Pierce as if you were experiencing the story through their eyes.
    • An unforgettable immersive journey you share with a friend or loved one.
    • 5 Stars - A story that you will be discussing for hours afterwards.
    • Highly creative work of art.